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The Puller of Strings
Eric Souza

Maker of Happenings. Developer of Content. Designer of Creatives. Roller of Pumpkins. Long story short – I provide marketing services. Website planning and development. Design and content creation. Since moving to Seattle in 2012, I’ve been writing more, along with providing services to my clients and volunteering for our school, church and Little League.

String-Pulling Partner
Emi Ponce de Souza

She is an ice-skating, cake-baking, baby-saving ball of awesome. Plus she wears a cape. OK, not really, but I bet she would if I asked her to. Emi is a neonatologist for Pediatrix Medical Group in Seattle. Originally from Mexico City, Emi also has taught English, French and Spanish.

Strings One, Two and Three
Eric Anthony, Anya and William

Some of the best creativity in our world comes from our three junior designers. They are almost always the first focus group, and usually have good feedback. Plus, they work for food. The Lego-building capabilities and tumbling displays are reason alone to admire their skills. Then they start playing rock and roll. Yeaaaah buddy.


Digital and Print Design Services

Print and Web Design. Graphics. Strong Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign skills. My old design teacher would tell us “Love. Your. Pen. Tool.” And I do. Logos, tri-folds, brochures, image manipulation, magazine ads and covers … whatever you need, I can help.


I have a journalism background and a love of the written word. If you need help developing your content, I can do that. Whether you’re looking for corporate communications, website content or something more robust, I am available to write what you need, with AP Stylebook in hand.


Programming. Add in Database integration. Rolling up sleeves and driving phpMyAdmin. I also work with a terrific programmer for the more challenging projects like custom CRM development, live analytics integration and datafeed integration for building affiliate sites. Using dynamic content can make a huge difference in your site.

Web Sites

I develop and manage lots of WordPress sites. Using WordPress, you can make beautiful sites within a powerful structure, as simple or complex as you like. I also make custom-built sites. Landing Pages. HTML-formatted emails. Mobile sites. Responsive sites. I can help you identify what would work best for you and then make it happen.


Faul Company
Web / Design
Bok a Bok Chicken
Great State Burger
Three Roots NW
My Inner Athlete
Toby’s Specialty Foods and Gifts
Web / Design
Dearie Law Group
Design / Programming / Web
Web / Design / Writing / Programming
eType Services
Web / Design
Direct Focus Online
Web / Design / Writing
Delta Leads
Design / Programming / Writing / Web
Queen Tut Events and Design
Design / Web
The Hollywood Tavern
Web / Programming
Mortgage Compliance Magazine
Design / Programming / Web / Writing
Huxley Wallace
Web / Programming


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